【IFF Osakaの魅力紹介✨】その①:コンセプト

International Fan Festival Osaka(以後IFF Osaka)は「日本初!逆輸入アニメイベント」として紹介させていただいているのですが、そもそもどこが「逆輸入」なの?と思われるかもしれません。







そしてIFF Osakaは、この海外イベントの良い点を世界各地のファンが味わえるために、今回日本で「逆輸入」型アニメイベントを開催することになりました!
そんな海外のイベントと日本のイベントを融合したIFF Osakaへぜひ、足を運んでみてください。


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[日時]2018年10月6日 (10:00-20:00)、7日 (10:00-18:00)



Why IFF Osaka? Part 1: The Concept

International Fan Festival (IFF Osaka) is Japan’s first overseas-style “anime convention” event!
…But what do we mean by “overseas-style?” After all, anime is a Japanese thing, so there’s arguably no reason to bring it back to its home country, is there?

However, if we look at anime-related events in Japan and overseas, we can see that they’ve evolved into two completely different types of events!

In Japan, anime events tend to be very franchise-centered, where voice actor and creator guests are invited as guests to events sponsored by the anime/game that they worked on.

However, overseas anime conventions differ from these Japanese events in that it provides fans a place where they can celebrate various aspects of anime, game, music, manga and cosplay culture all in one space.

Overseas conventions also tend to invite voice actors, game/anime/manga creators and cosplayers as stand-alone guests. As guests, they star in various events, such as Meet & Greets, Q&A panels, autograph sessions, and photobooth sessions.

The most significant difference between Japanese and overseas events is the distance between attendees and guests– very few events in Japan allow attendees to interact closely with guests.

IFF Osaka brings this close-up experience to Japan, so that fans in Japan can experience the fun one can find at overseas conventions!

We’ll be uploading more posts introducing the programming at IFF Osaka in the near future.
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Event Details
International Fan Festival Osaka
[Date & Time] Saturday October 6 (10:00-20:00) & Sunday October 7 (10:00-18:00), 2018
[Venue] Grand Cube Osaka 3F
[Admission] 1 Day Admission: ¥1,000 / 2 Day Admission: ¥1,800 / Admission to Special Contents: TBA